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Alaura - very rare to find a hot filthy girl.  Thank you internet!


Bra was digging into my flesh, had to give them a break.


I can post an incredibly boring photo of my boobs every now and then, can’t I?


I can post an incredibly boring photo of my boobs every now and then, can’t I?


Nothing new or creative to add here.


Scumdoll has been a very busy cunt after graduation, and I’ve not had much chance to exploit this dumb, attention starved fuckhole the way it deserves, but nevertheless, it knows its place; naked, wet, and moaning for the attention of men like a good fucking whore.

Scumdoll : Be more like her and less like you : Submit @FYSCW on kik.


Old (I’m talking really old) dress that doesn’t fit around my bust quite as well as it used to. Eh *shrug*…it’s fun to take photos in though.


My doll surprised me with photos of the dress she wore to a festival a while ago. I’ve got to tell you, there’s something downright erotic about a pair of enormous, sensitive breasts popping out of a relatively tame and innocent dress.

The strange thing is that I find the first photo (only slightly) sexier than the second one. I also think I’ve finally reached a turning point in my turn-ons…the point where a pair of dumb, bimbofied, cock-sucking lips turns me on more than a pair of flawless breasts.

This is no small feat, because I’m not over-exaggerating: her boobs are perfect.

And I still prefer her obedient, submissive, drooling lips, even if only by the tiniest bit.

She once said that she prefers sucking my cock with those pretty lips over having an orgasm. One day I’ll push her to her limits and deny her such a pleasure…but until then…I mean, holy shit, she’s really good at blowjobs, guys. Come on, I’m only human.